The path leads inwards, fostering a profound self-understanding that paves the way for an authentic life. Subconsciously, we all adhere to established patterns until we realise them and consciously decide whether these patterns are our own choices or were given to us. Reviewing patterns is essential in order to live your own life and make your own choices. Until you do so, you are living according to the expectations and values of your parents, your friends, your business partners, your teachers, and society. Therefore, chances are, you are missing out on a genuine experience of contentment, happiness, and freedom. Living up to these expectations is exhausting, as you are not and cannot be yourself, oftentimes leads to burnout and a feeling of emptiness. Continuously trying to meet the expectations of being a nurturing parent, a devoted partner, an accomplished businessperson, a dutiful child, a loyal friend, a successful and seemingly happy person living a full life is strugglesome.

It can be different. You can choose your patterns. It “only” requires awareness, and a clear mirror in which you see your current self reflected without distortion. And then, and only then can you choose to live the life that is yours, follow your heart and discover the potential you have. This is the path which leads you to a life of self-identity, contentment, and joy.

If you can choose and find your own self, it leads to calmness and inner peace. As a mentor, my primary objective is to provide clear insights into your operational framework, shedding light on prevalent behavioural patterns, thus help raise your awareness of the choices and decisions in your life. I can show you the driving forces of your connections, and give you an inspiring authorization to consciously use your patterns or rewrite them to become yourself. I will show you how you can cultivate an awareness of executing actions differently, or maintaining your established patterns, all the while remaining conscious of your actions.

When you give yourself the authority to make decisions and choices while listening to your heart (meaning that you become aware of your own self in your decisions and choices), then it will affect your whole life, all kinds of human relationships and your business. This translates to a heightened state of felicity, contentment and liberation, amplifying the overall quality of your life.

I will open a door for you that leads to your inner self, a door that you didn’t even know existed. And now that you can open this door, you can live a higher quality of life, which makes an indescribable difference. The people I mentor usually express their discovery as follows: “Wow, I never thought how liberating it is to find and live my authentic self!”


Who do I mentor?

Business people, women and men:

  • who are looking for a means to a better life
  • who want to change but don’t know how or what to change
  • who are accomplished but burnt out
  • who lack motivation and inspiration in their daily lives
  • who still work a lot over 50
  • who live an enviable life from the outside, but feel that their lives are empty and aimless
  • who want to develop self-awareness and grow spiritually
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