My collaboration with Ildiko was a truly profound experience, during which numerous previously concealed barriers within me were set free. Her attitude and empathetic abilities created an atmosphere of trust in which I could comfortably open up and immerse myself in my inner feelings and thoughts.

She is not only an expert mentor but also an inspiring and positive personality. Her encouraging words and positive approach in every meeting consistently reaffirmed my ability to achieve my dreams and to always strive for the best.

Through the process, I have come to realise things that had eluded me or remained unacknowledged.

With her guidance, I recognised the boundaries in my life and found the motivation and courage to surmount them. She consistently applied the most fitting methods and techniques to help me navigate obstacles and enhance areas in which I aimed for improvement. The knowledge and experience she provided were undeniably effective in supporting my progress.

During our sessions, her new perspective and approach helped me see different viewpoints in my everyday life. This enabled me to find solutions to personal and professional challenges that had previously seemed difficult or even impossible to solve.

Her support and guidance also shed light on strengths and opportunities of which I had been previously unaware.
The relationship of mutual trust that has developed has had an enormous impact on me.

Through a better understanding and acceptance of my own inner world, I have gained access to resources that have helped me develop not only as a leader, but also as a person. I clearly feel that this programme has been instrumental in my development and has had a profound impact on me and changed me for the better. Overall, it has contributed to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Ildiko for her invaluable support, and I enthusiastically endorse her to anyone seeking personal and professional development, and a deeper exploration of their inner world.

Vivien Varga

CEO, Founder

Ildiko is insightful, she owns complex knowledge in both business and spiritual fields. Her ability to unveil profound truths guides us, as she fearlessly follows her heart’s path, unwaveringly, without compromise, and inspiring others to do the same.

She aids individuals in uncovering their true selves within the silence of their souls, helping them discover the root of their limiting factors, identify a way out, and conquer them with unwavering determination.

Her uplifting and liberating presence offers immense support in organising the physical aspects of life, while serving as an illuminating beacon in the realms of the soul and the deep silence of the spirit.

Szilvia Rév

Psychologist, Writer

Ildiko possesses a rare talent, adept at comprehending the logical, masculine world as well as the emotionally charged feminine sphere. She embodies this unique harmony within her, allowing her to bridge the divides that often challenge her mentors.

With her courage, infinite kindness, and empathy, she helps others find their own balance within themselves. She undertakes this mission with humility and a complete absence of pretence, rendering her the ideal guide on your path towards self-discovery.

I work as a female executive in the IT consulting domain. I encountered a pivotal moment in my career when I recognised that I had adopted an excessively competitive and predominantly masculine approach. It was then that Ildiko was recommended to me, and together, we delved into the matter, nurturing my feminine side.

Paradoxically, this transformation not only enriched my personal life but also propelled my company to new heights. Over the recent period, with Ildiko’s guidance, I have built a more robust foundation and, through renewed self-awareness and self-love, found fulfilment in life.

Alexandra Kulcsár


Ildiko Duna is a true wonder of presence and awareness, of pure and free love and of vitality.

The way she has inspired me has forever changed my life – elevating my soul and spirit in the most profound way. I have through our connection been able to choose a new and elevated path in my life.

The interaction with Ildiko has brought me not only acceptance of whatever comes to us but also an ability to truly live for the moment we all have now. This is truly joyful.
Ildiko still today inspires me to go deep within myself in order to develop my ability to live my life to the fullest and to find my true self.

The journey is also hard but the reward which awaits anyone who dares to take on this challenge goes beyond words.

The sense of presence and strength I am now able to experience is on a new level and I am certain it will stay with me forever.

The ability to accept and to live for the good and in the flow of love, without fear or any kind of diminishing thoughts or expressions, is a true gift to anyone – brought to me by our interactions.

The value of what Ildiko has brought to my inner self, yes to my soul and spirit, is immense and I am convinced that she is able to affect anyone in similar and truly amazing ways.

Joachim Hallström


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