I worked for 15 years in a multinational environment as an HR executive. By the time I reached the age of 35, I had held the positions of Deputy CEO, Management Board Member, Supervisory Board Member, and experienced both the beauty and the dark sides of the business world. In the first 10 years, this world gave me a lot of joy. I travelled a lot, collaborated closely with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds, my professional development continuously grew, and all of this was extremely inspiring for me.

In the meantime, I embarked upon a path of self-awareness and spiritual growth. This path helped me recognise and understand that fear is not the opposite of love, but the absence of it. So I learned that as soon as I sense a lack of love, I start to fear that ‘I am not good’, or ‘it’s not good that I exist’. Opting for love became my conscious choice. However, the leaders in the corporate realm I encountered mainly operated from a foundation of fear. In this environment, my love-motivated efforts to make changes turned out to be a pointless struggle and this led to my burnout. In response, I took off my business attire, the makeup, the high heels, and embarked on a transformative voyage to the Peruvian rainforest. There, I sought to find answers to questions about my purpose (why I am here) and contribution to the world (how I can make the world a better place). I found the answers. Upon my return, I closed the door on a world based on fear and hierarchy and left it behind me.

Subsequently, I dedicated a decade to my independent business, operating as a business coach, executive coach, HR consultant and life coach. I found fulfilment in the autonomy, independence, and alignment with my authentic self, enabling me to contribute genuinely from the heart to both individuals and society. In the meantime, for several years, I accompanied women on their journey to find their authentic femininity and uncover their genuine selves. Over four years, I was a meditation instructor, during which I facilitated silent retreats to foster introspection and growth. Throughout these ventures, I travelled to 60 countries, often travelling alone.

Then all of a sudden, the scariest “button” in life, a STOP button was pressed, and my life stopped for 3 years. To spend 3 years in the infinity of emptiness and nothing after a fulfilling and successful life is something that no words can describe. It was a bottomless depth. However, I must admit that the deeper the depth, the greater the gifts of this experience. I found my true self and an inner peace that has profoundly elevated the quality of my life in every aspect. Mindful presence, peace and balance have become a permanent part of my life and from the feedback I have received, these are the values that mean the most to others in their interactions with me.

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