I believe that being in joy and experiencing joy are natural parts of existence. We are all capable of experiencing it, we all live it, but there are those who do it only for a moment and are lacking awareness of it, and there are those for whom joy is a state of being, and they only fall out of the state of joy for moments at most. Who would not want to find and experience the latter? The opportunity, the road leading to it, is given to everyone, the question is whether we will begin the journey and whether we will go all the way through it.

What may help reach the state of joy in life?

Self-love, which can unfold in us through forgiveness of ourselves, acceptance of ourselves, respect for and choosing ourselves. One manifestation of this responding with ‘yes’ when we truly mean ‘yes,’ and ‘no’ when our genuine answer is ‘no.’ We can do all this when we become aware of what is within ourselves. It is not possible to reach this state without examining our patterns.  Then, to reach a state of self-love, it is vital to rewrite these patterns. Another manifestation of this can be when we are able to see our mistakes as opportunities and our errors as an opportunity to grow.

Being present, experiencing the moment and the awareness of the ‘here and now’ are sources of endless joy. When we are truly present, we enter a world that is invisible as long as our minds dwell on the past and the future – a place where we become captives of our own thoughts. It is vital to make ourselves aware that the issues we struggle with are either in the past, essentially done and dusted, or they may unfold in the future, shrouded in uncertainty. Yet, in the present moment – while driving, strolling down the street, working, or watching TV – all is well.

Silence offers the opportunity for establishing a deep connection with ourselves and fosters the ability to perceive the goodness, joy, and miracles in the world. Embracing tranquillity can be a learning curve, especially for those who habitually use the radio or TV as constant background noise. Free yourself from this background noise. Permit your thoughts to manifest in the quietness and acknowledge them as the very thoughts in your mind. If you find them unsatisfactory or overwhelming, embark on the path of mindful observation. Pay attention to the nature of your thoughts, and consciously redirect them towards your desired focus. Why is this so challenging? Your thoughts shape your life, and if you’ are burdened by undesirable thoughts that seem impossible to overcome, how can you craft a life that truly resonates with your preferences and brings fulfilment?

The joy of selfless giving can be easily experienced by anyone. To undergo this experience, there’s no need to tackle seemingly challenging tasks. Instead, one simply needs to remain attentive and make a conscious choice to do something for others, without any ulterior motives. To truly embrace this, it is vital to recognise that selfless giving is, indeed, selfless! This is something we tend to overlook. Frequently, when we extend kindness to others, there’s an underlying expectation of recognition, gratitude, or reciprocation. When this expected acknowledgment doesn’t materialise, disappointment, disillusionment, and discouragement often follow. However, this path does not lead to a joyful life. True joy comes when we give purely for the sake of giving. What we offer cannot be taken away from us. Selfless giving is an everlasting wellspring of happiness.

Developing the ability to enjoy life within ourselves leads to an exceptionally elevated state of being: we become capable of discovering joy in any (!) circumstance. This is a different quality of life that you can experience, too. All you need is your awareness.

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